Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

What is Lymphatic Drainage ?

Due to the lymphatic drainage system, the body’s immune and defense system performs its functions without interruption or slowing down. At the same time, it ensures healthy circulation of all the lymph fluid in the body. The hot summer environment causes swelling in our body. With lymphatic drainage, you can say goodbye to this problem forever.

Lymph is a colorless liquid, also known as white blood, that helps the body maintain water balance. This liquid – removes bacteria and foreign cells from tissues, spreads through the blood vessels through a special network of veins, consisting of canals and ducts. Lymphatic fluid is slower to flow than blood. Moreover, the pressure in the lymphatic drainage vessels is less than the pressure in the blood vessels.

The permeability of the cell walls of the lymphatic vessels is higher than that of the capillary walls. The direction of the lymphatic drainage vessels is unilateral. The reason for this: the liquid can go to the heart. There are flaps for this. As the lymphatic fluid moves 3 mm to the heart, it reaches the heart, passing through lymph nodes of various widths from 1 to 3 cm. The glands in the body for the lymphatic drainage system have a spongy structure. Thus, it has the ability and obligation to filter the liquid passing through it.

lymphatic drainage massage

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?

Passive massage with the Lend Drainage has many benefits.

  • Helps relieve swelling and remove excess fluid.
  • Supports the removal of accumulated toxins from the body.
  • Eliminates cellulite.
  • Helps speed up the metabolism in people with constipation or indigestion.
  •  Helps relieve tension in the body.
  • Reduces stress as it regulates muscle movements in the body and speeds up blood circulation.
  • This is a useful application for those who want to cope with insomnia, as it not only speeds up the metabolism and blood circulation in the body, but also relaxes it.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage provides skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction as it stimulates collagen production in the body.
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