Body mass index

Body mass index

What is Body Mass Index?

Body composition analysis is a measurement method by which we obtain information about the ratio of bones, muscles, fat and water in the human body. All of these ratios can be measured with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology thanks to the Tanita measuring device.

The method is based on the difference in electrical permeability between muscle mass and fat. Resistance to weak electrical current is measured. The BIA provides information on body fat, lean body mass, body water, and much more.

Through analysis of body composition, we can monitor the balance of fat and muscle in the body. Based on the results of these measurements, you can understand in which areas you have more fat and if your diet is right for you. The goal of the diet is to achieve ideal fat weight by preserving muscle tissue. Get rid of puffiness, if any. Thanks to this measurement, the ideal ratio of fat to muscle is achieved in the correct direction.

Body mass index

Rules to Consider Before Measuring

  • No heavy physical exertion 24 hours before measurement,
  • Eliminate alcohol in 24 hours
  • Fasting for at least 4 hours to measure,
  • Do not drink a lot of water before the examination,
  • Do not drink tea or coffee 4 hours before the measurement,
  • Lack of metal objects with you,
  • Lack of a pacemaker

These principles must be followed.

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