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Our Medworld Detox Clinic is a “wellness” clinic that combines modern wellness treatments with traditional detox services, drawing on global experience; designed by experienced doctors and nutritionists specializing in wellness and detox programs. Health can be achieved with healthy eating habits.

As a Medworld clinic, we create healthy eating habits, improve the functioning of the digestive system, teach you to communicate with your body and enable you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Medworld Clinic is located in the Rixos Downtown Hotel in the center of Antalya, which ideally combines city and nature; Our clinic offers you continuous healing support along your life path that positively affects your mental, physical and emotional health.

Medworld Detox Clinic - Rixos Dowtown, Antalya

We are waiting for you at Medworld Clinic so that you can combine your cleansing and rejuvenation with a unique view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains, as well as gain perspectives, methods and habits that will enrich your life and improve its quality.

All of our programs are designed as “personalized” by our doctors and therapists with international experience. We will be happy to accompany you on your journey to health with detoxification and care programs, delicious dishes in the wellness kitchen, prepared with healthy products that meet international standards.

Medworld Detox Clinic - Rixos Dowtown, Antalya

Услуги клиники

  • Удобный трансфер
  • Мы предоставляем услуги с комфортабельными залами ожидания и детоксикационным рестораном.
  • Наша близость к туристическим центрам
  • Мы предлагаем лучшее и наиболее точное лечение с помощью наших самых современных устройств и опытного персонала.
  • Мы следуем новейшим технологиям для вашего здоровья.
  • Мы с точностью соблюдаем гигиенические стандарты на самом высоком уровне.

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